UTokyo Global FFDP


S Semester 2023
Tuesdays, 3rd and 4th periods (13:00-16:40)
8 sessions (+ DAY 0 for briefing)


UTokyo Global FFDP is held in a hybrid format, combining online classes with in-person classes at Hongo Campus.

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UTokyo graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty/staff members
Members of UTokyo (faculty and staff, mainly) are also welcome as observers.
*Those who are affiliated with other universities can join the program as observers.


Maximum 20 students




Please read the syllabus carefully before applying.

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Class recordings and materials

The recordings and slides of UTokyo Global FFDP are available on UTokyo OCW.
If you would like to take a look at them, please click here.

Course structure

  • DAY 0


    Introduction of the course: ourselves, contents, parallel structure, Q&A

  • DAY 1

    The science of learning

    The science of learning/ pedagogical implications / active learning

  • DAY 2

    Teaching and learning methods, strategies, and techniques

    Learner-directed strategies / methods, strategies and techniques for active learning

  • DAY 3

    Assessment, feedback, and rubrics

    Purposes and nature of assessment / peer- and self-assessment / formative feedback / creating rubrics

  • DAY 4

    Course and syllabus design

    Goals, objectives and outcomes / course design / syllabus design / graphic syllabus design

  • DAY 5

    Class design

    Models for instructional design and improvement / class design / peer-feedback/ contents review

  • DAY 6

    Class design & instruction I

    Conducting a mock lesson (first time) / peer-feedback

  • DAY 7

    Class design & instruction II

    Conducting a mock lesson (second time) /peer-feedback

  • DAY 8

    Deconstructing knowledge and career paths

    Problematizing contents / critical thinking / reflection on career paths