UTokyo FFP

What Is “The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program” (UTokyo FFP)?

“The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program” (UTokyo FFP) commenced in AY2013 for acquiring skills and knowledge related to teaching at university. It is aimed at graduate students, postdocs, and faculty/staff members affiliated with the University of Tokyo who aim to become faculty members.

The quality enhancement of education at universities is a crucial issue. In recent years, there has been a shift toward student-centric education and active learning class styles. These classroom approaches require educators, besides being knowledgeable experts, to act as facilitators able to spur learning; this makes it necessary for educators to acquire these skills. UTokyo FFP helps acquire such knowledge and skills in a systematic and effective way.

UTokyo FFP is a half-yearly program, also offered as a Common Graduate Course titled “Teaching Development in Higher Education.” Participants can enhance their practical teaching skills by learning about active learning in an interactive way with other learners across diverse research fields.

Note: This program is offered entirely in Japanese. If you are interested in the English version of the program (UTokyo Global FFDP), please click here.

The features of UTokyo FFP

The features of UTokyo FFP

The features of UTokyo FFP are as follows:

Quality learning materials

Of those who completed the course so far, 98% responded that their participation in UTokyo FFP was fulfilling (“very fulfilling” or “fulfilling”). Thirty percent of the applicants found out about the program through “an introduction by the alumni.”

Interactions across diverse fields

The participants come from diverse academic fields. Interaction with graduate students and faculty/staff members from unfamiliar fields would certainly inspire you to reflect on your own education and research.

Issue of an official certificate

On completion of the program, participants receive an official UTokyo FFP transcript signed by the director of the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education. You can attach the transcript to an application document to display your teaching experience when you apply for academic posts.

Academic credits (two credits) of “Teaching Development in Higher Education” on completion of the course

UTokyo FFP is also offered as a Common Graduate Course titled “Teaching Development in Higher Education.” Since it is a regular course of the university, participants can receive academic credits (two credits) within the allowances stipulated by the program of each graduate school they belong to.

An alumni network

After completing the course, participants can join an alumni network (a Google Group), to exchange information on voluntary workshops, events, and job opportunities (part-time lecturer, etc.).