UTokyo Global FFDP

Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials Alumni Testimonials
  • J.A.


    PhD student (participant), from Germany

    I will miss this class. It was a great experience, learned a lot, and I am left curious and inspired. Not only the content, but how carefully the whole course was designed and the always quick and extensive feedback. It has really impressed me!

  • A.N.


    Post-doctoral researcher (participant), from Pakistan

    I cannot thank you enough for having me in this course. I learned a lot and it was a memorable and wonderful experience.

  • L.H.


    MA student (participant), from Vietnam

    Thank you for all the support and instruction during the course. I really enjoyed the classes. I am sure that this course will be valuable for my future. I will surely miss your class.

  • M.E.


    Lecturer (observer), from Egypt

    You have no idea how I truly appreciate your feedback; it always get us thinking more. I am beyond appreciative.

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