[Sekido’s FFP Journal Vol 2] DAY 2 “Specific Goals and Objectives Enhance Motivation”

DAY 2 Class Design
・Goals and Objectives
・Motivation (Flipped Classroom)
・Class Design
・Active Learning
・Exercise in Class Design

This time, the class was about the relationship between goals/objectives and motivation and class design that deepens learning while maintaining motivation.

We received the following feedback on the previous session from one of the participants: “The goals and objectives were specific, which made me prepared for the program as a learner.” Indicating “Why do I have to learn this?” and “What will I be able to do?” inspires and maintains learners’ motivation. What is interesting about FFP is that you will be able to observe your own learning experiences from a meta-cognitive perspective by taking the course as if you are shown magic and explained the trick at the same time.

The session was conducted in a flipped-classroom style, where participants watched lecture videos on motivation (and related basic theories) as a pre-assignment and deepened their understanding of knowledge by using it in a group discussion on how to advise a professor who has problems with his/her classes. Also, in terms of active learning strategies, they learned the effects of peer instruction by actually experiencing it.
The active learning strategies that the participants experienced in this class were limited to flipped classroom and peer instruction, and the others were just explained in a lecture, but according to the instructor, the course is designed so that they can experience all the typical strategies at least once for each throughout the course.

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