[Report] Coursera “Interactive Teaching”: The 1st Real Session DAY 2

The following is a brief summary of DAY 2 of the Real Session held on September 18th (Sun), 2022.

■Objectives for DAY 2

  • ●Experience active learning strategies and be able to use them.
  • ●Be able to describe a course that lets students learn actively in the form of a syllabus.
  • ●Be able to design an evaluation based on essential knowledge.
  • ●Be able to apply what you learned when conducting a lecture for microteaching sessions.


■DAY 2 Schedule











  • [Active Learning] (9:10–10:35)
  • Dr. Kurita gave a lecture on active learning. Participants experienced one of the active learning strategies, “Peer Instruction.”
Peer instruction


  • [Evaluation] (10:50–12:40)
  • The lecture on rubrics was followed by a group activity on creating rubrics. Participants also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of rubrics in groups and organized them on a large sheet.
Participants creating a rubric


  • [Syllabus] (13:40–16:40)
  • Participants listened to a lecture on syllabuses and worked on an activity. They created graphic syllabuses and shared them in pairs. They also revised their text syllabuses by referring to the tips on creating them.
Participants sharing graphic syllabuses in pairs.


  • [Reflection] (16:40–16:55)
  • Participants reflected on the goals and objectives of DAY 2 and individually organized what they had learned and their thoughts.


DAY 2 became another busy day where participants not just listened to lectures but also experienced active learning strategies and worked on various activities. It was designed to let them apply what they learned to the revision of their lectures and syllabuses.

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Airi Kawakami (Project Academic Specialist in charge of “Interactive Teaching”)

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