Introduction of the JREC-IN Portal “Interactive Teaching” Available on Kyōiku Gakujutsu Shimbun No. 2689

The application method and introduction of the course JREC-IN Portal “Interactive Teaching” were published in “Kyōiku Gakujutsu Shimbun” No. 2689 (issued on June 14th, 2017). The editorial department kindly allowed us to share the post. Please check it out.

[Summary of JREC-IN Portal “Interactive Teaching”]

★ Eight lessons in total (Topics: active learning, syllabus, evaluation, and more.)

★ Self-check quizzes available for each lesson

★ You will receive a “Notification of completion” once you finish all the lessons.

★ Anyone who registers can take the lessons.


Videos “Interactive Teaching” JREC-IN website UTokyo FD website

Book “Interactive Teaching” (Kawai Publishing, 2017) (Kawai Publishing website)

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