[Report] The 3rd Faculty Luncheon

We held the 3rd Faculty Luncheon today.
Here is the summary and a preview of our next event.

1) Today’s Topic
Today’s topic was “How to Conduct Classes More Efficiently.”
In addition to the topic, participants had a discussion on a wide range of topics such as how to motivate students and points related to evaluation.

2) Sharing and discussing participants’ concerns
Participants shared and discussed the experiences and points of their classes based on the material that organized the past examples and points of class improvement.

The specific points of class improvement appeared as follows:
“Improve the quality of what you speak in a class and make it efficient in a flipped classroom manner.”
“Responding to the questions by email takes too much time. To avoid that, I give feedback orally or share the answer with the whole students.”
“Digitalize and save energy as possible by giving quizzes on the Google Form and such.”

We are planning to hold the next Faculty Luncheon in September.
The topic will be “The Roles of TAs.”
We look forward to your participation.

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