[Report] The 1st Friendship Luncheon

The Friendship Luncheon was held at the Faculty of Law & Letters Bldg. 2 on June 5th. We are sorry for the venue being slightly hard to find, but there were 14 participants in total, including those with and without registration.

We distributed the leaflet “The first step to enrich your campus life Q&A Vol.1.2” to the participants, and they discussed their concerns and others related to their life in Japan as students, as described in the leaflet, in groups of about four. Each group consisted of overseas students and Japanese, and they had a conversation in a friendly atmosphere.

We are planning to continue this event to provide a space where participants can exchange their ideas frankly.

The following is the summary of the next event (The 2nd Luncheon). We look forward to your participation.

・Date/Time (The 2nd Luncheon): July 10th, 2017 12:10–13:00

・Venue: Rooms 2201 & 2202, Faculty of Law & Letters Bldg. 2

・Intended for: The event is limited to UTokyo members but is open to any affiliation (undergraduate student, graduate student, or faculty/staff member).

・Language: Japanese

・Please bring your lunch and drinks.

・Application Form: Here

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