[8th UTokyo FFP] DAY 5 Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures & Summary (Poster Tour)

UTokyo FFP DAY 5 for exercise in giving feedback on lectures and summary was held on November 24th and 28th.

Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures

In the UTokyo FFP, every participant conducts a lecture for microteaching sessions. This time, they practiced how to examine others’ lectures to prepare for the peer-reviewing in the next session. This is because giving feedback without having appropriate viewpoints leads to nothing. It is also intended to help participants design and conduct better lectures.
Two participants, who had volunteered previously, first conducted their mini-lectures in front of everyone, and the rest of the participants examined them thoroughly.

  • The lecturer-participant gave a mini-lecture.
  • The student-participants filled out their feedback sheets respectively.
  • Participants had a group discussion on what was good about the lecture and what points needed improvement.
  • Participants had a discussion with everyone.

Following the two mini-lectures, participants discussed how to redefine points that were good or needed improvement into metacognitive ones and shared their ideas. This process was intended for acquiring viewpoints on designing their mini-lectures and future classes.

The four mini-lectures conducted in Thursday and Friday classes were all very interesting and are likely to be improved furthermore based on a lot of feedback they received. All the participants will design their mini-lectures and examine them with each other in small groups in the next session.


Summary (Poster Tour)

Participants reviewed what they had learned so far by using a method called “Poster Tour.” The objectives of the activity were to experience the “Poster Tour,” one of the active learning strategies, as well as review the whole learning materials.

Participants of both Thursday and Friday classes had already been prepared to work on an assignment together regardless of the combination of group members. Every group created a poster on a given topic in an efficient manner, and every member was able to explain the topic.



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