Presentation at Kyushu University Education Innovation Study Meeting

Associate Professor Kayoko Kurita and Project Researcher Yu Matsubara, both in charge of the UTokyo FFP, and Hirokazu Tanaka and Hisashi Shigematsu, the UTokyo FFP alumni, visited Ito Campus, Kyushu University, to participate in and give a presentation at the 1st Kyushu University Education Innovation Study Meeting (AY2016) on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016.

The Study Meeting was organized by Student Affairs Planning Division, Student Affairs Department, Kyushu University, and the theme was “Significance and Necessity of PFFP (Preparing Future Faculty Program): Considering with Graduate Students (from Kyushu University, The University of Tokyo, and Osaka University).”

Before the commencement of PFFP at Kyushu University scheduled for this autumn,  The University of Tokyo and Osaka University shared the preceding cases including the episodes of graduate students who completed the programs and examined the significance and issues of PFFP.

The organizers and learners of PFFP gathered and interacted across the universities. We expect that PFFP will spread among universities nationwide and that the contents of the program will be enriched.

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