【Event report】PAGE Special Guest Workshop ① Workshop on International Communication in Educational Activities

Thursday, December 12th, 2019 @93B, 9F, Faculty of Engineering Building 2, Hongo Campus

Professional and Global Educators’ Community (PAGE) organized “Workshop on International Communication in Educational Activities.” We invited Dr. Michal Mazur (Assistant Professor, Nitobe College for Graduate Students, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Hokkaido University) as an instructor. A total of 15 participants consisted of graduate students and faculty members at the University of Tokyo.

The workshop started with a talk on the culture unique to Japanese higher education, followed by tips on understanding cultural differences and dealing with typical issues students may encounter such as culture shock. In the last session, the participants actively exchanged opinions through group discussions and shared solutions to the problems that actually occurred in the classroom.


Here are some of the feedback we received from the participants after the workshop:

“I realized that I have always been communicating in a high-context Japanese style without noticing it.”

“It was useful that I could understand how we should perceive cultural differences. The discussion with the participants was also fun. However, I wanted to know more cases.”

“I learned about what kind of feedback should be given, especially for students, and I was able to know about misunderstandings and problems resulting from cultural differences.”


PAGE will continue to hold workshops focusing on the improvement of academic communication skills in English. We sincerely look forward to your participation.

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