【Event Report】Symposium on Future Faculty Development/UTokyo Global FFDP

On December 16th in 2021, the event “Symposium on Future Faculty Development/UTokyo Global FFDP” was held to promote “UTokyo Global FFDP” (the official name: UTokyo Global Future Faculty Development Program), the English version of the FFP that will be newly launched in April, 2022 (more information at the end).

In total, 91 participants from Japan and overseas joined the event, since it was held online and using Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation. We in charge of the event are very happy about this massive response and would like to express our gratitude to all of you who participated, thank you!

The event welcomed invited guest speakers from other domestic and overseas institutions: Associate Professor Hiroaki Sato (Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Osaka University); Associate Professor Osamu Tomura (Center for Professional Development, Tohoku University), and Professor Linda von Hoene (GSI Teaching and Resource, University of California, Berkeley).

From the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education at The University of Tokyo, Director Yasushi Asami, Professor Kayoko Kurita (in charge of the UTokyo FFP), Project Associate Professor Gabriel Hervas (who will be the lecturer of the new program), and Ms. Airi Kawakami (Project Academic Specialist who will also facilitate the new program), participated in the event.

Outline of the event

This event consisted of two parts.

【First part: Symposium on future faculty development (FFD)】
Dr. Yasushi Asami gave the opening remarks to the event. Following this, our guest speakers (Dr.  Linda von Hoene, Dr. Hiroaki Sato, Dr. Osamu Tomura, Dr. Kayoko Kurita) presented how FFD initiatives take place at their institutions and referred to the challenges that they envision to FFD. These enlightening presentations were followed by a discussion among including Dr. Yasushi Asami and Dr. Gabriel Hervas on the current status and future of FFD.

【Second part: New program “UTokyo Global FFDP”】
In the second half of the event, Dr. Gabriel Hervas (the lecturer of the new program) presented UTokyo Global FFDP, which is scheduled to start this following April, and answered questions from attendees.

The videos and materials of the event are now available on the UTokyo OCW website (released as the contents of the 0th lecture of UTokyo Global FFDP).

Please follow the link below to check it.

OCW | Symposium on Future Faculty Development/UTokyo Global FFDP


New Program ー UTokyo Global FFDP

The new program “UTokyo Global FFDP” will be starting in April.
Details (e.g., the start date, entry deadline, etc.) will be announced later.

  • 【UTokyo Global FFDP Course Information】
  • Course start, time and day of the week: April 2022, 3rd and 4th periods (13:00-16:40), Tuesdays
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Instructors: Gabriel Hervas (Project Associate Professor); Kayoko Kurita (Professor)
  • Staff: Airi Kawakami (Project Academic Specialist)
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