[18th UTokyo FFP] Completion of the First Half of the Program (DAY 1–4)

Starting on Thursday, October 7th, 2021, the 18th UTokyo FFP finished DAY 4 on Friday, November 19th, 2021, and we are now halfway through the program. We are entering the latter half of the program (DAY 5–8) from December 2nd & 3rd.

The first half of the program is described as follows.

DAY 1 Introduction
・To experience and get accustomed to the procedure of conducting/taking an online course.
・To remember five or more names of participants.
・To be able to explain the present situation of higher education.
・To discover and be able to explain the values of learning at UTokyo FFP to others.

DAY 2 Class Design
・To be able to explain what you should do to increase students’ motivation.
・To be able to explain the significance of class design.
・To be able to explain what the ADDIE model is.
・To be able to select the appropriate active learning strategy in accordance with the objective.
・To be able to design a class in which students learn effectively.

DAY 3 Evaluation
・To be able to explain the significance of evaluation.
・To be able to contrast formative evaluation and summative evaluation.
・To be able to explain any given evaluation method based on the features of evaluation.
・To be able to create a rubric.
・To be able to express one’s thoughts on the merits and demerits of rubrics.

DAY 4 Syllabus and Course Design
・To be able to list three or more roles of a syllabus.
・To be able to set appropriate course goals and objectives.
・To be able to create a graphic syllabus.
・To be able to improve the syllabus you have brought based on clear reasons.

We have worked together to achieve the following goals of the program: “to recognize the significance of ‘education’ as their duty as future faculty members and to be able to design and conduct educational activities considerate of students’ perspectives. The participants are to acquire the practical knowledge and skills necessary for conducting classes by experiencing and learning with other participants from various academic fields and develop attitudes to continuously improve their teaching and research.”

In the next session, “DAY 5 Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures & Summary,” participants will conduct a poster tour to review what they have learned so far and start preparing for microteaching sessions to be held on DAY 6 & 7. Participants will design and deliver a six-minute lecture for microteaching sessions by making the most of what they have learned so far and also refine their lecture by receiving feedback effectively from UTokyo FFP alumni.

It will also be a good opportunity for the participants to learn from the activities above which are going to be held entirely online.

The remaining sessions will accelerate toward the final session, “DAY 8 Envisioning Your Career Path by Creating a SAP Chart.”

We will make continuous efforts in delivering and refining UTokyo FFP-like online classes to play a leading role in making education online.

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