New research papers by Project Associate Professor Gabriel Hervas are published

Research by Dr. Gabriel Hervas, Project Associate Professor at our Center, has been published in two different journals.

1. Hervas, G. (2022). The International Popularisation of Lesson Study: Early Studies and their Relevance in Later Literature. Revista Panamericana de Pedagogía, 33, 38-54.

In this study, Dr. Hervas re-explores the origin of the internationalization of lesson study (授業研究) and sheds light on literature that, already during the 1980s and early 1990s, described its practice to an international audience and that, bibliometrically, have remained under the radar for lesson study practitioners and researchers.

2. Hervas, G. & Medina, J. L. (2022). Higher Education Teachers’ Perception and Use of Content Representations in Lesson Study. International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies, 11(1), 14-25.

In this research, Dr. Hervas examines how higher education teachers used the Content Representations (CoRes; an instrument useful for lesson design and for elucidating teachers’ pedagogical knowledge) and perceived its integration within lesson study (授業研究). This is the first study in the international literature approaching the integration of the CoRes and lesson study for higher education teachers’ training.

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