Interactive Teaching



  • Who is “Interactive Teaching” for?

    It is mainly intended for graduate students and faculty members, providing topics on teaching at university, such as the present status of higher education and how to create a syllabus, but it is open to anyone who would like to learn about instructional methods that realize active learning.

  • What are the differences between learning with Coursera and the UTokyo FD website?

    Coursera enables you to learn the contents systematically, answer quizzes, submit writing assignments and have them peer-reviewed, and obtain a certificate of completion (with an additional fee). In contrast, the UTokyo FD website offers all the videos provided at Coursera, enabling you to view particular video clips as you like.

  • What is the program developed for?

    It was originally developed as a social contribution project through collaboration between the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education and the Japan Center for Educational Research and Innovation. It is based on the University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program–—an internal program modified to be open to the public.

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