Interactive Teaching

Interactive Teaching

Program Overview

The program has eight WEEKs, each comprising three sessions: Knowledge, Skill, and Story. Please refer to the “Learning Contents” for details on each WEEK.

The Knowledge Session will help you to systematically acquire the knowledge necessary to make your class interactive and learn how to prepare yourself as an instructor. The following topics will be covered: ① Basic knowledge of active learning; ② Active learning methods; ③ Learning sciences related to motivation, mastery, and feedback; ④ Designing a 90-minute class; ⑤ Designing a syllabus of a course; ⑥ Evaluations to promote learning; ⑦ General overview of Japanese higher education and what faculty members should be, and ⑧ Creating a structured academic portfolio to envision a career path as a faculty member.

What Is “Interactive Teaching”?

The Skill Session will help you acquire skills in creating a space where participants can learn actively. Based on the philosophy, “The crucial point is invisible,” the instructors, who usually work as stage actors, will help you learn about “how to communicate” in an experiential way by covering topics such as how to create a space, how to improve your diction, and how to relieve your tension.

In the Story Session, 15 leading researchers and practitioners in various fields will share their thoughts and experiences related to teaching.
The program is designed for face-to-face classes, but its topics are universal to online classes and other styles by covering motivation theory, class design, evaluation, etc.

Learning Contents

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