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About UTokyo FD Mailing List

The mailing list updates the registrants on the following information.
※UTokyo FD here refers to UTokyo FFP and Interactive Teaching.


1.UTokyo FD events
Information on events (co-)organized or cooperated by UTokyo FD such as open lectures delivered by UTokyo FFP alumni and face-to-face sessions of “Interactive Teaching.”

2.Study sessions and local events related to UTokyo FD programs
Study sessions using the video materials of “Interactive Teaching”

Information Information

Requirements for joining the mailing list

None. Anyone can subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list. If you would like to receive updates, please sign up through the following form “Subscribe/Unsubscribe the Mailing List.”

How to post your article to the mailing list

If you would like to post your article to the mailing list, please apply through the following request form “Post an Article.”
Please note that your article will require the approval of UTokyo FD staff before its inclusion in the mailing list. (Please read the following for more details.)

Notes on the mailing list

1.Approval procedure of the articles
・UTokyo FD staff will examine the article’s relevance with regard to the above “Information” 1&2. Following its approval, the article will be posted to the mailing list.
・Please note that it usually takes two days (on weekdays) for articles to be posted after receiving it through the request form. Kindly bear with us.
・Please note that you will not be separately informed of your article’s approval.
・The approval is notified by sending the mailing list with your article included.

2.Responsibility of the articles
・The responsibility of the articles shall be borne solely by the author. UTokyo FD and the University of Tokyo will not distribute these articles as their official announcement and will not be responsible for them.


Please note that UTokyo FD staff may remove e-mail addresses with errors from the mailing list. (Errors may occur by registration mistakes such as typos.)
For any inquiries, please contact us from here.

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