Teaching Tips


An Example of the Jigsaw Method



Time Frame:

61 or more minutes

“Let’s learn about prenatal diagnosis and its different types.”


This is an example of a senior high school class combined with biology, health and physical education, and home economics. Expert groups of four first do research on one of the multiple types of “prenatal diagnosis.”

Then, form jigsaw groups comprising each member from different expert groups and let them compare and examine the multiple types of “prenatal diagnosis.” And let them organize the differences, purpose, and advantages/disadvantages of each type.

Let the students return to their original group (i.e., expert group), organize what they discussed in jigsaw groups, and compose reports.

This example is more complicated than the one shown in the “Implementation” section, which is called “Knowledge Constructive Jigsaw.” It also comprises the method of “poster tour.”
Students can learn about the multiple types of “prenatal diagnosis” and their differences and deepen their understanding of how “prenatal diagnosis” is conducted in real clinical settings.

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