UTokyo English Academia launched a free online course: “EA4: Global Englishes and English Medium Instruction”

Today, the use of English is common in academic settings, such as laboratories, academic conferences, and classes.

English Academia (EA) is a free program for students and researchers. More than three years have passed since the launch of EA and the number of learners has exceeded 25,000.


We are pleased to announce the release of a new online course.

The new course, entitled “English Academia 4″ (EA4), is an online course focusing on the global use of English today as a lingua franca and the relevance of this for English medium instruction (EMI: teaching academic subjects in English).

Following the previous series, EA3, Dr. Nicola Galloway (University of Edinburgh), who is one of the leading experts in EMI, will continue to be in charge of this course as an instructor.


EA4 capitalizes on helping you acquaint yourself with the historical background and present situation of the English language from the perspective of applied linguistics and discusses the global use of English today as a lingua franca and the relevance of this for EMI. You can learn about these topics through lecture videos and other activities such as quizzes and discussion forums.

Anyone can sign up for EA4 and can use it free of charge. Users who score 80% and above in the online course assignments can download a certificate of completion.

We hope many people will benefit from EA4.

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