[Sekido’s FFP Journal Vol 5] DAY 5 “Learning Occurs without Being Taught”

DAY 5 Summary & Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures
・Review of the Previous Session
・Goals and Objectives
・Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures
・Review of the Program So Far (Poster Tour)

Participants started by creating questions to review what they had learned in the previous session (about evaluation) and asked and answered them in pairs. This reviewing activity has become increasingly complicated week by week; a simple activity of explaining the keywords of the previous session in pairs (DAY 3), discussing the usefulness and limitations of the topics that appeared in the previous session (DAY 4), and creating questions (DAY 5).
As a course develops, students not only acquire knowledge but also become proficient in their learning. It made me realize that designing activities that align with the learners’ development can help them deepen their learning.

In the first half of the session, two participants conducted 6-min lectures respectively, followed by individual/group feedback and activity of overviewing the points of the lectures from a meta-cognitive perspective. In the second half, participants reviewed what they had learned so far (i.e., motivation, active learning strategies, class design, syllabus, evaluation, exercise in giving feedback on lectures, and the whole FFP) by conducting a poster tour.

In FFP, the instructor gradually lets the participants take the initiative in the class weekly. In today’s session, the instructor did not explain the material aggressively but instead let the participants engage in group discussions and realize something on their own, answered their questions when they shared their ideas with the whole class, and abstracted/generalized their insights to make them easier to understand, which helped them deepen their learning. According to the instructor, she deliberately “left the learning to the participants.”
I have always assumed that “To explain something skillfully equals to teach something,” but it seems to be “the skill in generalizing what the learners realized” that is the essential art of teaching/instructing. The session made me realize that the students’ learning process surely occurs without teaching them if you can generalize their ideas.

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