[18th UTokyo FFP] Completion of the Semester

Starting on Thursday, October 7th, 2021, the 18th UTokyo FFP completed its schedule on Friday, January 13th, 2022.

Following the previous post on the first half of the program (DAY 1–4), we would like to show you what the classes were like in the remaining sessions (DAY 5-8).

DAY 5 Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures & Summary
・To be able to explain the significance of giving a lecture for microteaching in your own words.
・To be able to find the viewpoints for designing “a good lecture for microteaching” by examining others’ lectures.
・To be able to explain what you have learned and found important in each session in your own words.
・To be able to organize what you have learned so far by creating slides in groups and sharing them through an (online) poster tour.
・To be able to explain the procedure of an (online) poster tour by experiencing it.

DAY 6 Refining the Lectures for Microteaching
・To be able to explain the significance of giving a lecture on microteaching in your own words.
・To deliver a lecture you designed.
・To evaluate others’ lectures.
・To have the prospect of refining the lecture into ver.2 by reflecting on your own practice and evaluating others’ lectures.

DAY 7 Microteaching Session
・To deliver a revised lecture.
・To learn from others’ lectures.
・To verbalize what you think you can transfer to your future activities.

DAY 8 Envisioning Your Career Path by Creating a SAP* Chart
*SAP: Structured Academic Portfolio
Through the creation of SAP charts, participants will be able to:
・Reflect on and organize your past activities and visualize your educational views and the significance of your research.
・Realize the relevance of your activities.
・Have a future prospect and set objectives.

We worked together to achieve the following goals of the program: “to recognize the significance of ‘education’ as their duty as future faculty members and to be able to design and conduct educational activities considerate of students’ perspectives. The participants are to acquire the practical knowledge and skills necessary for conducting classes by experiencing and learning with other participants from various academic fields and develop attitudes to continuously improve their teaching and research.”

The microteaching sessions on DAY 6 & DAY 7, in particular, provided both presenters and the audience with “a rich learning experience” thanks to the alumni and former observers who supported the participants by facilitating discussions in small groups.

It is remarkable that many of the alumni said, “Coming back to FFP as a supporter was a kind of new experience, and the classes gave me a precious opportunity to learn a lot.” They seemed to show us the exact significance and value of “continuous learning.”

Also, the alumni joined the session for creating a SAP chart on DAY 8. They reflected on their past activities and carefully verbalized what they aim to do in the future. Communicating with such alumni, the 18th UTokyo FFP participants came to realize that they, too, would be able to interact with future participants as alumni.

The 18th Certificate Award Ceremony will be held online on Friday, February 18th, 2022, from 15:30–16:30.

The 19th UTokyo FFP is scheduled to start in the S semester, AY2022. If you wish to receive notifications on the briefing session on the next UTokyo FFP, please sign up for pre-application from the link below.

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We will make continuous efforts in delivering and refining UTokyo FFP-like online classes to play a leading role in making education online.

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